All Good Things Must Come to an End…

All good things must come to an end…why? Who said so? Why can’t good things linger on forever, or be transformed into other great things. If the Law of Energy Conservation states that energy can’t be destroyed only transformed into other forms of energy, then shouldn’t that be the case with the energy that was created while attending the IMMOOC? ( It’s true we will no longer be meeting weekly to listen in or watch George, Katie and guest discuss innovative thinking, but the energy has been transformed. The IMMOCC and Georges book are out there now. We are “in the know”. They are a source for us to continue to share. To build new discussions. To form our own groups within the walls of our schools and beyond. During these past few weeks I have shared the link to the IMMOOC with several people. Most are in education, but I have also shared it with folks in business as well. It is my intent to reach out to these folks and create our own discussions. Read a section watch the appropriate IMMOOC and discuss. To me, in my mind, this discussion could, and should be tought to every marketing major, in every company sales or customer service training. The wisdom and power of it’s message isn’t some new way of powerfuly thinking differently. Instead, George reminds of all the simple things we take for granted. Of the ideals we once held so close to our being. The principles on which we built our character, but somehow forgot to polish and have now regrettably fallen victim to life’s tarnish. That’s how I feel about this IMMOOC and book, the “Great Tarnish Remover.” The best way to keep tarnish off is through constant use. Moss doesn’t form on a rolling stone. We, the educators and administrators who have attended this IMMOOC and read

have been transformed by its energy, we are different, changed, never to be the same. If, like me, what you heard here resonates with the kind of educator you want to be, in the type of school culture were innovative thinking is happening on all levels and students are empowered not just engaged. Where our clients are thought of as teachers not just students, then you must transfer this knowledge, this energy into action. The one with the knowledge has the responsibility to share the light. It’s always been that way, so take up the cause. Pick up the torch and lead. Even if you face resistance, your students will be better for it. And isn’t that all that really matters.
Dr. Katie Martin

Many Mahalos to Author and Innovator George Couros and Change Agent Dr. Katie Martin. You have empowered my learning, unleashed my talent, and led me to a culture of creativity.

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